Dedicated, Intense and Professional.

These are words that describe Martin Christian Pedersen and his Love of acting.
A stage veteran with a body of work that spans over 25 years ranging from productions of Sweeny Todd and Les Miserables,
to Shakespeare Productions of Much ado about Nothing and 12th Night. Martin is always looking to expand his acting horizons.

In 2015 he was cast in the World Premiere production of "The Raft Of The Medusa".
A rock musical set in the 1800's Martin's Character was Claude Richefort an ex-con with a sailors background.
He mistakingly gives the Captain bad directions and sends the ship off course.
His actions end up sending 150 people to a life-raft made of bits of the ship doomed to die.

In 2016 Martin was asked back to reprise his role as Richefort in the now chrisened "RAFT A ROCK OPERA" to compete at the Ozone Music Festival in Salmon Arm, BC.
Despite having to build the set in 2 hours and forgo a reahersal in the building and then perform a hour later.
"RAFT A ROCK OPERA" won 3 awards that night for Best Director, Best Costuming and Best Cast.

Martin Recently completed a third run of Raft A ROCK OPERA" in Kelowna, BC in 2017.

Later this year Martin will step in to the Role of "Ebenezer Scrooge" in Charles Dickins Masterpiece "A CHRISTMAS CARROL." A role he has long sought to play.
(reference Audio page For V/O clip and Video page for demo reel)

In September 2018 Martin will join Sherlock Holmes as his faithful companion Dr. John Watson in a stage production of

Check back soon for further news.